Digital Signage

that is user editable.

that updates in real-time.

that is custom designed.

that is afforable.

A better solution,
for so many reasons.

Digi Signs, by Design Bus, has brought digital signage to a whole new level. Add, edit, delete, and clone content with the tap of a finger, using our mobile web app. Save new changes, restore old ones, and even schedule content to be shown at certain times. Edits are made in realtime and if internet is present, edits can be made remotely from anywhere to any digital sign.

Quick & simple

Everything from setup to management of your digital signs, is a breeze. By connecting the HDMI and power cable to the Digi Signs mediabox, you've completed the setup. Your custom designed content will be pre-loaded for each of your signs.

Plug N' Play

Our media box comes ready. Connect the HDMI and power cable, and setup is done.

Tap to edit

You're in control. When you need a sign edit, make the change yourself.


Edits are instant and can be made world wide to any screen, with internet.


Backup and restore your edits to be re-used at a later date, such as holidays.

Minimal requirements

with zero hassle


A local power source for your TV(s) and mediabox


Basic HD TV(s) (non-smart) that are already wall mounted.


A basic wireless router supporting (2.4GHz b/g/n).


*Internet is not required. Internet is only needed for remote editing.

Get Started

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