Digital Signage

that is user editable.

that updates in real-time.

that is afforable.

Real-time meets real simple

With Digi Signs, by Design Bus, outdated signs are a thing of the past. Our solution to digital signage allows users to easily add, remove, and update content on all your signs right from your smart phone. You can also restore, backup, save versions and schedule signs to show content between certain times. Published changes are seen in realtime and with internet, changes can be made remotely from anywhere to any sign.

Transition quickly

Whether you already have digital signage or are looking to upgrade, you'll be in good hands with us here at Design Bus. There are no contracts or hidden fees, installation is quick and our support is endless, so you'll never be on your own. Startup costs are minimal, and if you already have your own tv's, you're a step ahead.


Easy edits

Tap or click to update your own signs, whenever, where ever.


Your published changes are instantly viewable.

Offline mode

If internet is down, no worries, your signs will still function.


Save versions and revert back to them at anytime.


Only a few things needed


A local power source for your TV(s) and mediabox


Basic HD non-smart TV(s) with 1080 or 4K resolution


A basic wireless router supporting (2.4GHz b/g/n).


*Internet is not required. Internet is only needed for remote editing. Ethernet may be substituted for a wifi router if internet is available.